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SML-1 Rogue 70″ Monster Lite Squat Stand


If you’re looking for a squat rack for your home gym and you don’t have room or the need for a pull-up bar, this is a good durable option.

The Rogue SML-1 Monster Lite Squat Stand combines elements from the 70” stands of our standard S-Series and Monster line to create a versatile hybrid unit. The uprights are constructed from the same 3×3” 11-gauge steel tubing as the Monster SM-1, but with the 5/8” hardware and Westside hole spacing of the S-1.

Equally well suited to a small garage gym or large-scale weight training center, the SML-1 Squat Stand stands six feet tall and operates within an efficient 48″x49″ footprint. It’s an American-built squat stand as dynamic and durable as many power racks, available at an affordable price.