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Training Pace Calculator

The Outright workout pace calculator makes it easy to plan your workout target times to effectively train and improve speed endurance.

When training speed or speed endurance, knowing the target times for each workout AND hitting that target is a must.

For example, if your workout calls for 3 x 250s at your “target” 400m pace, how fast should those 250s be?

Or when you need to step down in distance from a 200m to a 150m but still need to keep it at your “target” 200m pace…

Our workout pace calculator quickly does the simple math for you so you can workout knowing precisely what pace time you need to run! Email it to yourself for your reference.


If you don’t have anyone timing you, get yourself a simple stopwatch that you can run with to time yourself. Then track your times in a journal or in your phone. Being able to refer back to past workouts is a valuable training tool to help you progress and reach your goals.


If you have questions on how to use the data in a workout, contact us and we’ll help guide you.


*This is not a performance predictor. 


#1. Select the target distance you’d like to use to gauge your pace for practice


#2. Enter a time for that target distance. It could be your personal best, it could be your goal time for that distance.

-Enter seconds in the seconds field as a whole number, no decimals needed.

-For minutes in the minute field.

Use Example (Goal Time)

You’re a 400m runner. Your season’s best time is 62 seconds and you and your coach thinks you can run 58 seconds by improving your speed endurance.


You plan on doing the following workout: 3 x 300m with a 5min rest/reps, and 3 x 150m with a 2min rest/reps.  You don’t just want to run these blindly, you need to #1 time your runs and #2 have a goal pace or range.


For your first time completing this workout, let’s say you decide to have a pace based on last season’s personal best 400m time.


In the calculator, you’ll enter 62secs for 400m.  The results are the SLOWEST times you should hit for your workout.  300s should be under: 46.5 and your 150s should be under 23.25.

Pace Calculator