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We Help You, Help Your Child.

We team up with parents to provide progressive general or athletic physical activity for their child. We can create programs based on the equipment you have access to at home and the fitness level of your child. Best for ages 12 and up.

Via bi-weekly or monthly video calls we teach you how to make sure your child has good form for each exercise, how to progress through the workout, and how to modify.

More individualized than streaming workouts over Zoom or Youtube…

How It Works

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Choose between customized or pre-designed workouts/programs that are accessed via our mobile App.

Next, you/your child will be able to access and complete the workouts anytime on-demand, all from your phone.

Accountability Features: You can message us directly in the app. We can schedule phone/video check-ins. Our App has nutrition tools, a training calendar, and ability to create and track habits. The App also integrates with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Garmin, Applewatch, and Withings to provide the option of a comprehensive fitness and training experience.

What about form? Our customized clients receive video analysis of proper form and technique bi-weekly or monthly. Quick exercise demo videos are also included in all workouts.

Remote personal training, App-Based


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