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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

The free trial is for our Training Archive membership.


Simply fill out our sign-up form. Check your email for app setup instructions. Come back and log into our website to select a workout from the trial version – members-only section.


After 7-days your app account deactivates. No obligations. You’d like to continue, simply visit our website to sign-up.


We believe in our product and we have enough experience and wisdom to feel secure with the fact that no program will be a good fit for everybody.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep! You can manage your account by simply logging into the website and cancel from there.

If we’re not a good fit, we want you to find something that works for you. Or maybe financially this isn’t a good time for you.

Can’t I just Follow Youtube Workouts?

Of course you can. And you can do both. Follow your favorite fitness channels AND benefit from our expert guidance and personalized workouts.

Are these instructor-led workouts like P90X?

We do offer some instructor-led workouts.

But mostly, our training programs and workouts are synced to our training app for you to access, complete, and track on-demand.

Also, we offer real strength & power gym workouts and dynamic athletic workouts, which would be impossible to do if you’re stuck in front of a screen.

Is this better than traditional personal training?

In-person training is superior if it works for you.

However, many people prefer to workout by themselves and just want structure, expert guidance, and workouts they enjoy.

How do Outright compare to other training Apps

We’re more than a training App. With over a decade of experience in fitness and performance training, as gym owners and coaches, we’re sharing refined methodologies tested on thousands.

Should I still follow my favorite fitness influencers?

Absolutely. Your favorite influencers inspire, and healthy inspiration can be a good thing.

Just note, looking the part doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to safely guide you to reaching your goals.

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