Athletic training 4 weight loss

Tap into your inner athlete

Access, complete, & track workouts remotely through our training App.


kick start your weight loss journey and keep it going all year.

  • It’s about consistency
  • It’s about commitment
  • It’s about building a routine
  • It’s about mindset

$499 (one-time payment)


scheduled accountability

5 workouts per week, scheduled for you for accountability and encouragement

Expert Workout Structure

Workouts include 2 conditioning/cardio workouts, 2 full-body strength workouts, 1 sprint interval workout.

Workout Progression

Workouts are progressive week by week; that means that workouts are made to build you up and not take you down. You will be challenged but in a safe, manageable, and realistic approach.

Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly accountability check-ins with your coach to help you stay on track.

Nutrition Planning

Nutrition is just as important in this journey – meal tracking and meal planning guidance will be provided

30mins or Less!

Workouts are about 30 minutes in duration but can be at your own pace

Minimum Equipment

Workouts are completed using bodyweight and dumbbells.

Athletic Movement

Strength, Power, Agility, Speed components are in each workout

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